S&L considers the interiors of a building, the furnishing of a house or the production of made to measure furniture all projects to undertake with the same commitment and attention to detail and applies itself to realising them not in accordance with their size, but with the desired end result – “state of the art” custom work.

Our approach to a project always starts with an analysis of the objectives to be achieved in both aesthetic and economic terms. This is followed by a creative stage in which our ideas and solutions are put forward and every detail necessary to achieve the final result are discussed with the client.

Once the proposal stage has been concluded and feasibility of the project in terms of times and budge confirmed, the implementation stage begins, based on the design (in all its applications), the selection of materials and finishes, the choice of the most suitable skilled workers and constant quality control of all stages of the production.

Supervision of the entire production process means S&L is able to exercise strict control over the products, checking workmanship at every stage in order to resolve any critical situations and ensure the high quality of the result.

Everything must function like a perfect mechanism until delivery of the finished product.